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With Qatar Airways recent announcement of the closure of the all Business Class Flight to London in October 2015, I thought I would fast track my review of their flight so gives people a chance to use the service whilst they still can because it really is an excellent Service!

A319 view from the Lounge in London

A319 view from the Lounge in London

Plane Configuration

The A319 aircraft contains 40 business class seats only. This outward flight takes off from London Heathrow at 2155 and arrives into Doha at 0640 local time the next morning.

Configuration of Plane

Configuration of Plane


The aircraft is configured in one cabin, although because of the over-wing exits it naturally splits into two with four rows of 2-2 seating (AC-DF) in rows one to four, and then six rows of 2-2, making a total of 40.

A disadvantage of the front cabin is that there is only one washroom at the front, compared to two at the rear of the aircraft, and the one at the front is much smaller than the two at the back.

Seats on the A319

Seats on the A319


Entertainment on Large screens and Noise Cancelling Headphones which were provided




Having some So-Jennie (basically non-alco Champagne)

The menu was as follows



Beetroot Gravlax with Horseradish Cream – Was a bit overpowering especially if you do not eat Beetroot that often.

Beat with Mash Potato and Carrot

Braised Lamb Shank with Puy Lentils – was surprisingly tender and well made.

Pancakes and Blueberries!

Buttermilk Pancakes with Blueberry compote, the most amazing thing about the flight!!


After eating, I put the seat flat to catch some Zzzzz, I got changed into the Grey pyjamas provided



Upon ending the flight I spoke with other passengers who said on the flight, they wished it was longer so they could have enjoyed the bed and got more sleep however the same would be said about the normal business class flights.

Though I found the seat is smaller than the normal business class, and larger flyers (like myself) might feel a little cramped.

For me the advantage of this over standard business class is the more efficient boarding and disembarkation as everyone is being channeled through the same process so no need for multiple buses or different connecting gates, also I felt there was more personal attention from the staff, although it’s pretty impressive on the wide-bodied fleet in any case as you will see from my future reviews of the B777 and A380.

Aviation fans like myself will want to try this service, but for regulars, one point to bear in mind is that the flight is slightly longer on the A319 than the wide-bodied fleet. This isn’t an issue on the night flight when you want to rest, but for the day flight you may want the flight to be as short as possible.

Nevertheless, a real treat.