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So this flashback Friday will look into some current affairs that have caught my eye this week.

1) So with all the great PR work of the likes of ISIS and Boku Haram and the likes, its always good to remember that those people are thousands in a population of 1.6 billion, and therefore we should focus on some of the achievements of the other people of the faith and realise that muslims have contributed to mankind, this article highlights some of the 8 most notable inventions (some of which I am sure is as surprising to you as it was to me) –


Muslim's Inventions

Muslim’s Inventions

2) This Article well report is about someone I knew in Qatar, he used to volunteer for my Non-Profit organisation, Stormy Foundation (www.stormyfoundation.org), his name was Juan Pablo, and he was a Colombian national, who was working in Qatar for the Military, teaching them about sky diving. He had worked for various armies throughout the world and came here around 2010-11ish and until recently was doing well. I had met him last a year ago for dinner, and just not been in touch, I remember him saying he either was looking at or had already become Muslim, so what I heard about him recently at a dinner was even more shocking that this could happen, as you would think people would treat him better, however it shows how misplaced my faith was if the below report is true….


I am still shocked on it all and how it all happened and is a real eye opener for those who are living in Qatar just how difficult the legal situation can be and if you come from a country with a fair and due judicial process you should never take that for granted.


3) India with all its well documented poverty is exceptionally rich as well and the ones who have the wealth show it in a very lavish manner as you can see below


A bike and a rickshaw pass Lamborghini's New Delhi showroom

A bike and a rickshaw pass Lamborghini’s New Delhi showroom

The wealth is really amazing in a land of such poverty however you will have that everywhere, what is important is the rise of the middle class and raising the people out of poverty.  This is what China has done and comparing the two countries in terms of economic progrogress for its citizens is very interesting  as you can read in this great article by Amartya Sen (http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2011/may/12/quality-life-india-vs-china/).

Finally this article  on the issue (http://business.time.com/2010/10/29/india-vs-china-which-is-the-best-role-model-for-the-developing-world/) looks to the future and for developing countries see which model they wish to  follow.

Country of Contrasts...India

Country of Contrasts…India

4) The next article looks at the recent announcement that the Smithsonian, to open a museum opening a museum in the Olympic Park in East London (http://observer.com/2015/01/smithsonian-plans-to-open-first-uk-venue-in-londons-olympic-park/), having been to a Smithsonian museum in Washington (will be coming up in a future Take me back Tuesday) I cannot wait for this outstanding body to open up in London, however not all share my enthusiasm… http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/museums/10979501/Does-London-really-need-a-Smithsonian.html

The site for the new Smithsonian in East London

The site for the new Smithsonian in East London

5) To end with KFC have just come up with what is quite possibly a fitness guru’s worst nightmare (


On a diet?

On a diet?

Adieu, Adieu….Stormy